About Me

PMP Creationz was created out of the love and passion I have for video games. In 2019, I was struggling to find my footing in the game design industry and needed something to hold me over until I could land a job. Everyday, after I finished with my day job, I started designing custom shells for video game consoles. At the time, I was still passionate about 3D modeling for games, and I wanted to incorporate some models into my custom consoles. That eventually lead me down the path of 3D Printing. Through a lot of trials and tribulations, I managed to get my first printer up and running and thus PMP Creationz was born. Once I saw the capabilities these printers possessed, my mind started racing to the endless possibilities, and I never looked back. Now I strive to bring nostalgic objects in video games we loved as kids back to life (maybe adding my own little flare to the process).